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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Biru [Into II]


Name : Ahmad Aidil bin Zulkifli
Nickname : Aidil  (among friends), Didi (family)
Age : 28 years old
Status : Married (secret in the family), Single but not available (publicly)
Family Members : Zulkifli (Papa), Salmah (Mama), Alif (younger bro) and Anish (baby sis)
Girlfriend : Sofeatul Munawwarah binti Hadi
Occupation : Project Manager at Papa's company
Hobby : Lepak-ing
Favourite line :

'Man can marry 4 different women, so what's the problem?" [invented by himself]


norihan mohd yusof said...

encom gak mamat tu dek hehe......

yati77 said...
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